Go Kiwi Gifts is proud to stock genuine New Zealand Greenstone (Pounamu) which has been authenticated by Ngai Tahu Pounamu.  Our Greenstone carvings and pendants are carved under licence by Moreton Jewellery on New Zealands West Coast.

Pounamu is the maori name for Greenstone and is the God Stone of our Maori people. It is hugely significant for Maori, for it was often used as a seal for transfers of title, the Greenstone 'taonga' or treasure taking the place of a document as proof and sale of land. 

The correct mineral name for Greenstone is "Nephrite".  Nephrite is found in many parts of the world but New Zealand Greenstone is being particularly unique because of its vast colour variations between the main varieties.

Greenstone is often carved into pendants of different shapes, signifying different meanings with spiritual and personal significance.  The most familiar shapes being the Fish Hook, The Koru, The Twist, The Tiki,The Manaia, and The Toki. Please view the  Greenstone Symbols Chart to understand more about these shapes and their possible significance to you.

When purchasing Greenstone it is important to understand that no two pieces will ever be the same.  The images shown on our website are examples of the shapes and style of pendants available and the average prices for each size. When you choose a particular style based on these examples, please email gokiwigifts@gmail.com and we will send images of specific numbered pieces for you to view and choose from.

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